This is the sixth post in a 6 part series to help those that have ever wanted to own a condo but didn't know where to begin, understand what it means to own a condo.

This post will address the question about how to select a Perdido Key real estate agent to help you through this journey.

Currently, in reading this series you now understand; what you own, all the things your HOA dues include, what your holding costs are while you own your condo, how to cover these holding costs during the time you own the condo, and how to evaluate property management programs.

Now, the next part is finding the right condo for you and the right real estate professional to guide you through the process.

A good first step would be to visit Perdido Key yourself on vacation. While here take note of the various real estate brokerages, because the last thing you want is to end of with a real estate professional who primarily works and lives 30 miles away that just so happened to get you to click on their Google ad. If you cannot get there soon enough, then be sure you ask the real estate agent up front if they live and work in the Perdido Key area. Working with someone local is, in my opinion, your best bet to ensure that they are familiar with the local market. This may even open up possibilities for finding properties not yet listed that only local agents would know about.

Secondly, know that there are both wonderful as well as lackluster experiences to be had with local professionals in any area. With this in mind, the key element you're searching should be trust. Trust that the Perdido Key real estate agent knows the area, our market, important information about the properties in which you're most interested, rental data if you need it and that when you have a question that he/she will get you answers. Trust also that the Perdido Key real estate agent will not lead you astray by only showing you their own listings. It's okay to ask questions in order to gauge the agent's knowledge of condo ownership, the Perdido Key area as well as various properties along with asking about any listings that they personally have on the market. As a last resort, you could even check for disciplinary actions on Florida's licensing website, however, if you're thinking of checking up on the agent then it's likely that you have not yet found the feeling of trust that I'm working to drive home.

Lastly, it's fair to identify the fact that most real estate professionals are paid on commission, so their time with you is generally free and they are not compensated until a sale closes. This means that the closer you are to being ready to make a purchase, the more they'll be compelled to provide you undivided attention. You having spent this time to understand the basics of condo ownership is a huge step in the right direction! 

Now, at this point, you're now equipped to; ask the right questions, find the right property, run your own numbers and find the right Perdido Key real estate agent for your investment in a condo here in our piece of paradise! And now that you've reached the end of my How Does Condo Ownership Work blog series I'll ask that you take a moment to send me an email and let me know what you thought of these posts. Were they helpful? Do you have any constructive feedback? Or, do you have further questions about condo ownership not addressed? My email is and I'm always eager to connect. I've made so many of friends across the country in the past 13 years of managing over 100 vacation rental condos. In owning my own real estate brokerage I get to help folks settle in right here in the paradise I call home! When the time is right, I'm happy to help you too. Just give me a call, send me a text or shoot me an email and I'll be here!

I hope to hear from you soon!


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JD Hallam

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JD is the Broker/Owner of Perdido Key Resort Realty which proudly serves all property owners in and around the Greater Perdido Key and SW Pensacola areas. If you have questions about buying, selling or general questions about the market then you should speak with JD at your soonest convenience.
If that isn't enough... JD Hallam has also been the Board Member serving as the Perdido Key Lodging Representative for the Escambia County Tourism and Destination Marketing Organization, VisitPensacola, and is the organization's FY19 Marketing Committee Chairman after having been the Treasurer for FY17 and FY18 Marketing Committee Chairman.